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Tract Homes and Neighborhoods by Ralph Haver AIA

As Ralph Haver's biographer, we've spent 18 years researching, writing and photographing Haver Homes as well as presenting dozens of them on tour for the public. This substantive update to our inventory of neighborhoods and multifamily projects in 2020 is a direct result of our our Annual Home Tour revenue. Thank you so much for your support!Hopkins House in Hixson Homes Canal North by Ralph Haver

Canal North / Hixson Homes | 1945 | 11th Place and Highland

Ralph Haver home in Southdale, Phoenix Arizona

Southdale | 1947 | 13th Place and Southern Avenue

Manana Vista Home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix

Manana Vista | 1949 | 24th Street and Indian School Rd

Starlite Vista Home by Ralph HAver in PHoenix Arizona

Kensington Terrace | 1949 | 13th Street and Bethany Home Rd

Mayfair Manor home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix Arizona

Mayfair Manor | 1950 | 16th Street and Rancho Drive

Northwood Manor home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix Arizona

Northwood | 1952 | 12th Street and State Avenue

Ralph Haver home in Marlen Grove, Phoenix ArizonaMarlen Grove | 1952 | 10th Place and Bethany Home Road

A Ralph Haver home in Windemere, Phoenix Arizona

Windemere | 1954 | 45th Place and Indian School Road

Starlite Vista home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix Arizona

Starlite Vista | 1954 | 15th Avenue and Palmaire Avenue

A Ralph Haver's own home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix Arizona

Tonka Vista | 1955 | 18th Street and Rose Lane

A REgents Park PR\rincess home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix Arizona

Regents Park | 1955 | 44th Street and Calle Feliz

Encanto Estates in Phoenix Arizona

Encanto Estates | 1955 | 19th Ave and Thomas

Orchid Park for Butler Homes by Ralph Haver

Orchid Park | 1956 | 7th Avenue and Butler Drive

A P.A.T. home by Ralph Haver in Tucson Arizona

P.A.T. [Perfect Arizona Type] Homes | 1956 | Tucson, Arizona, in Donna Vista, Wilmot Vista and Craycroft Village

Town and Country I Home by Ralph Haver in Phoenix

Rancho Ventura | Town and Country I | 1956 | 41st Place and McDowell Road

Town and Country Home in Janet Manor by Ralph Haver

Janet Manor | Town and Country II | 1957 | 15th Street and Rose Lane

Town and Country Scottsdale Home by Ralph Haver

Town and Country Scottsdale | Town and Country III |
1958 | 74th Street and Oak

Carlos Terrace homes by Ralph Haver for Cheuvront in Tucson

Carlos Terrace | 1958 | Kelso and Craycroft, Tucson

Haver Home in Grande Vista, Tierra del Sol, Tucson

Terra del Sol | 1956-58 | 22nd Street and Kolb, Tucson

Town and Country Paradise homes by Ralph Haver with Fred Woodward in North Phoenix

Town and Country Paradise | Town and Country IV | 1960 | 32nd Street and Cholla

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