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Defining Characteristics of Architectural Designs by Ralph Haver AIA

  • Typical low pitched roofline is 1:12
  • Maximum eave height of 11 or 12 feet in most single-story homes
  • Homes may be split-level but not typically "two storied"
  • Red brick construction and plaster walls in early work
  • Superlite concrete masonry unit construction (aka CMU or cinder-block) from mid-1950s onward
  • Slump block construction in later works
  • Hearths without mantles, opening flush to wall
  • Red brick patio laid in herringbone or basket-weave pattern (more common in custom homes)
  • Clinker-brick wainscoting
  • Superlite Shado-Wal brand wainscoting
  • Board and batten treatment above brick wainscoting
  • Slot windows
  • Main gable beam juts out beyond eave, angled somewhat Polynesian style
  • Massive rectangular chimney volume, sometimes surrounded by glass on one or both sides
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Narrow bands of windows between eaves immediately beneath the roofline
  • Windows that meet at key corners of the home to keep views uninterrupted
  • Clerestory windows of trapezoidal shape
  • Corner-to-corner windows
  • Round steel posts support window-walls
  • Block walls that divide space inside the home, but do not reach to full ceiling height
  • Pigment-impregnated concrete floor surface of yellow ochre or burgundy
  • Casement (crank) windows in early work
  • Load-bearing walls that extend three or four feet beyond an exterior wall, typically placed for privacy or shade
  • Circle-in-square Superlite masonry for brise-soleils or interior dividing walls (aka "Haver Block")
  • Wooden patio-port structure with trademark offset grid trellis-like pattern
  • Tapered carport posts, porch posts or entryway posts
  • Redwood posts and beams in custom homes
  • Fenestrated block walls with planned voids of block missing to create simple and effective decoration
  • Light Mediterranean design influence in apartment and condominium design from 1960 onward

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The Ralph Haver Archive

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