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What exactly is ModernPhoenix? is an online archive of classic midcentury modern domestic architecture and modern contemporary designs that celebrate what is unique about Phoenix as a place to live. We document not just single houses, but entire neighborhoods where modernism has survived and thrived through the difficult temptation of bulldozing. The founding editors are not real estate agents or architects. We're educators and modernism appreciators with a documentarian twist, and are filling a gap that mainstream media is less likely to cover by being inclusive of all types of Modern housing, from the derelict to the undiscovered to the divine.

We also cover other forms of midcentury and modern contemporary design, including interior design, furniture and fabrication methods, graphic design, landscaping and fine art. ModernPhoenix is the internet's only website devoted to development of the Modern design lifestyle in Arizona.

What does membership involve?
Membership is free, and puts you on our register of Modernism lovers in Phoenix. Members enjoy interacting with each other on our message boards, receiving occasional e-mail updates on what's new at the website, participation in our annual neighborhood home tours, and where appropriate a free listing of your business in our Modern Links section.

Do you know who built or designed my house?
Hard to say without a photograph, but sometimes an address and cross streets will help. Post your question including that information on our message boards and someone knowledgeable might chime in. We're also available for one-hour consultations that involve research and a site visit.

I would like to buy a modern home. Can you help me?
We're not realtors, but we know plenty of good ones! Please consider our sponsors whose ads you'll find featured throughout the website.


I have $xxx,xxx to spend on a house. Where should I buy?
Without knowing much about you as an individual and your lifestyle, income, desires, needs, family, aesthetic, budget, etc, this is a very difficult question to answer. Ask your real estate agent, our advertising sponsors, or the good folks on our message boards after disclosing all the criteria above.

Do you have any inside tips for any good deals right now?
Check the Modern Phoenix Marketplace on Facebook. Any good deal we, our members and member agents come across is posted there.

Who are some real estate agents that specialize in midcentury modern?
Visit our links page for links to modern-savvy agents, and click on our sponsor ads.

I know this modern neighborhood you would love. Can I tell you about it?
Absolutely. This is the kind of mail we love. We want to hear all about it through text and/or pictures. Send your photos to us and if they're sharp enough we'll make a whole web page of them with a credit or link back to your business.

What is all the fuss about Sunnyslope?
Oh, nothing. [Psssst. Mail us for more information if you're serious about Sunnyslope.]

How do I get listed as a service on your site?
We list links to services on our links and architects pages. We do not accept paid links or do link exchanges, but we're happy to consider your business. Send us a note about your business with a URL and we will talk about adding it to the list. We also serve ads exclusively for sponsors of Modern Phoenix Week.

How can I return the favor for this great resource?
Become a Sponsor of Modern Phoenix Week! Exhibit at the annual Modern Phoenix Marketplace! Link back to us on your own website! :-)