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Alfred Newman Beadle

is one of Arizona's most respected midcentury architects working in the international style. The Beadle Archive, conceived by Shawn Augustinak in 2006 and now managed by Alison King at Modern Phoenix, has been substantially updated with the cooperation of Al Beadle's family and colleagues in the last four years. Over 100 residential and 100 commercial properties exist, and several have been demolished, so only a fraction are shown here.

Future plans for expansion include a complete timeline with years built, locations and proper names for all buildings, unbuilt plans and renderings, vintage photography and updated photographs of current properties. An interactive map of all properties will be made available as soon as privacy concerns are assessed, but a map of publicly accessible commercial properties and multifamily is now available.

As these structures come of age we urge owners of Beadle buildings to pursue historic designation of their properties through the National Register of Historic Places and/or City of Scottsdale, Tempe & Phoenix historic registers. Beadle House #11 and Executive Towers both successfully got on the register in 2017, and Roman Roads entered the register in 2018! If you're not ready to contact the HP offices, please reach out to Modern Phoenix for assistance in getting started.

Map of Architecture by Al Beadle
Map of Commercial Buildings by Beadle
Executive Towers on the National Register
Executive Towers was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017!
The Beadle Archive on Modern Phoenix
Alfred Newman Beadle by Nancy Beadle All Rights Reserved
Fingado House by Al Beadle
A Tale of Two Fingado Houses by Janice Fingado
Beadle House 11 by Al Beadle
Unboxing Beadle | By Jennifer Gunther

Contributions of photography and lore are welcome! While a good deal of Beadle's body of work is remarkably intact, it is frustrating to see some of the buildings decay over the years, or their histories become swiftly forgotten. We're unearthing those tales again and hope that Arizonans recognize the work for its significance, then invest in reclamation and restoration of these iconic modern structures. Some may be close to too far gone, but we're not going to let them go without a fight.

Commercial Buildings

IBEW by Al Beadle
IBEW | 1967
Professional Offices by Al Beadle
Professional Offices | 1978
Wosco Building by Al Beadle
Wosco Building | 1985
by Al Beadle
Stewart Title / Amerischools
Catalina Office by Al Beadle
Catalina Office
AERCO building by Al Beadle
AERCO aka Eaglerider
San Diego Offices by Al Beadle
San Diego Offices
Broadway Plaza by Al Beadle
Broadway Plaza
SDMC by Al Beadle
Southwest Desert Medical Center
PBSW aka Melrose Market by Al Beadle
PBSW aka Melrose Market
Missouri Medical by Al Beadle
Missouri Medical Building | 1974
East Valley Children's Center by Al Beadle
East Valley Children's Center
8808 North Central Ave.
8808 North Central Ave.
Bank by Al Beadle
Western Savings on Indian School
Safeway by Al Beadle
Scottsdale Safeway
Metro Centre by Beadle
Metro Centre in Albuquerque
Office on 7th Avenue by Beadle
7th Avenue Offices
Ice Palace by Beadle
Ice Palace
Totem Plaza by Beadle
Totem Plaza
Diese Realty by Al Beadle
Diese Realty
Copenhagen by Al Beadle
Copenhagen Tempe
Western Savings and Loan by Al Beadle
Western Savings and Loan / Urban League
Desert Industries by Al Beadle
Desert Industries
5th Avenue Medical Building by Al Beadle
5th Avenue Medical Building | 1968
500 East THomas by Al Beadle
500 E. Thomas Road
Mountain Bell by Al Beadle
Mountain Bell | 1971
Mountain Bell by Al Beadle
Farewell to Mountain Bell | 2009
First Federal Bank by Al Beadle
First Federal Bank | 1969
Dietrich Office Building by Al Beadle
Dietrich Office Building
Bank of America by Al Beadle
Bank of America

The Beadle Houses

Beadle House #1 Minnetonka by Al Beadle
Beadle House 1 in Minnetonka
Royal Palm Residence by Al Beadle
Beadle House 4 | 1951
Beadle House 6 on White Gates by Al Beadle
Beadle House 6 | White Gates | 1954
GOssick REsidence by Al Beadle
Beadle House 7 | Gossick Residence | 1955
Uhlmann House by Al Beadle
Beadle House 8 | Uhlmann Residence | 1955
Beadle House 10 by Al Beadle
Beadle House 10 | 1956
Beadle House 11 by Al Beadle
Beadle House 11 | 1963
Beadle House 11 by Al Beadle
Beadle House 12
Beadle House 13 aka Shelor by Al Beadle
Beadle House 13 | Shelor Residence | 1978

Single Family Residences

Fingado House 1 by Al Beadle
Fingado House I | 1952
Fingado House 2 by Al Beadle
Driggs | 1970
Chino Canyon House by Al Beadle
Chino Canyon | 2017
Diese House by Al Beadle
Diese House
Kramlich House by Al Beadle
Kramlich House in California
Barrett House by Al Beadle
Barrett Residence in Desert Ranch
Kirby House by Al Beadle
Kirby House in Clearwater Hills Ludke | 1952
Upham Residence by Al Beadle
Upham Residence
Patrick House by Al Beadle
Patrick House | 1973
7522 by Al Beadle
3741 by Al Beadle
Healy Fearnow Residence by Al Beadle
Healy / Fearnow Residence | 1959
Novak Residence by Al Beadle
Novak Residence
5601 by Al Beadle
Fingado House by Al Beadle
Fingado House II | 1958
Fingado House by Al Beadle
Schupak Residence by Al Beadle
Schupak Residence | 1978
Steiner House by Al Beadle
Steiner House | 1955
Barrett Spec House by Al Beadle
Barrett Spec House in Desert Ranch
Rothe House by Al Beadle
Rothe House in Carefree
Burton Barr Residence by Al Beadle
Burton Barr Residence
Kramlich Residence | 1959
Gruber House by Al Beadle
Gruber House | 1998
COlachis Sr. House by Al Beadle
Colachis Sr. Residence
5245 by Al Beadle
Bragiotti House by Al Beadle
Bragiotti |1967
Falconer-Loew Residence by Al Beadle
Falconer-Loew Residence
4636 by Al Beadle
The Corcoran House | 1963

Multifamily Residences

Bridgewood North 40 by Al Beadle
Roman Roads | 1964
Bridgewood North 40 by Al Beadle
Bridgewood North 40 Interior
Bridgewood North 40 by Al Beadle
Bridgewood North 40 Exterior
Bridgewood Mesa by Al Beadle
Bridgewood Mesa
Moroccan Apartments by Al Beadle
The Moroccan
Three Fountains by Al Beadle
Three Fountains | 1963
Executive Towers by Al Beadle
Executive Towers | 1963
Lombard Tower by Al Beadle
Residential Midrise Tower in Lombard IL
The Boardwalk by Al Beadle
The Boardwalk | 1963
Triad Apartments by Al Beadle
The Triad | Case Study Apartments #1 | 1963
12th Street Apartments by Al Beadle
12th Street Apartments
Dayo Apartments by Al Beadle
Meier Triplex by Al Beadle
Meier Triplex
Camelback Place by Al Beadle
Camelback Place
Grandview Gardens by Al Beadle
Grandview Gardens | 1959

Tract Housing

Paradise Gardens by Al Beadle
Paradise Gardens
This large section of our archive got a comprehensive overhaul in 2018


Ferguson's Cafeteria by Al Beadle
Ferguson's Cafeteria
The Flame Restaurant by Al Beadle
The Flame and the Jungle Bar
Scandia Restaurant by Al Beadle


Gila Bend Motel by Al Beadle
Gila Bend Motel
Yuma Motel by Al Beadle
Yuma Motel
Torpics Motor Hotel by Al Beadle
The Tropics
University Village by Al Beadle
University Park
Safari Hotel by Al Beadle
Safari Hotel


Nancy Beadle promoting an upcoming home tour in the 1960s
Unboxing Beadle by Jennifer Gunther
The Steel and Glass Man by Gene Garrison
A Tale of Two Fingado Houses by Janice Fingado


The Beadle Archive is made possible through the generous contributions of:
Nancy Beadle TM Uhlmann
Gerri Beadle Wayne Chaney
Ned Sawyer Janice Fingado
Eddie Jones Richard Elardo
Rich Fairbourn  
Research Assistant: Jennifer Gunther
Primary Investigator: Alison King
Past Editor: Shawn Augustinak


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ASU Archive of Beadle
ASU maintains the archive of Beadle architectural drawings. To research your Beadle property, contact Harold Housley at ASU Archives and Special Collections at (480) 965-6370.

To order the book CONSTRUCTIONS about Al Beadle's work or purchase the DVD beadlearchitecture, visit Gnosis Media
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