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PBSW Office Equipment Center aka Copenhagen Furniture
by Alfred Newman Beadle

pbsw logo REdnering by Wayne Chaney of PBSW by Al Beadle Rendering of PBSW design concept by Wayne Chaney (above) and as it was built in 1960 (below) at 801 West Indian School Road. PBSW Vintage by Al Beadle This commercial strip was originally designed for PBSW Office Equipment company in 1960. In the 1980s it was occupied by Copenhagen furniture store. In 2013 the southeastern end — where Ferguson's Cafeteria is believed to have once occupied— was demolished and the remaining strip was refreshed. There was nothing particularly interesting that remained from Ferguson's in the section that was demolished. The property has been revitalized and transformed into Melrose Marketplace by Davis Enterprises. It is now leasing. Call 602-275-1000 to inquire. pbsw by Al Beadle
pbsw by Al Beadle The red fin signage is not original but provides focus to the strip, which has a large setback from the street. The new tenant may build signage to suit, and the fin may be trimmed with neon. Architect Larry Ellerman of Ellerman Schick + Bruno completed the design for the renovation. pbsw by Al Beadle The arcade detail is original to the PBSW building and has the illusion of penetrating through the gold tone aluminum framed windows. A semicircle cutout occurs where the outer flares would intersect the glass. Round Beadle Ball lamps hang from the arcade inside. When window frames needed to be replaced in some of the storefronts, care was taken to emulate the gold trim even though it was not readily available stock. pbsw by Al Beadle
pbsw by Al Beadle The sgraffito mural is by artist Milton Tuttle, who also created the concrete art at the Executive Towers parking garage. pbsw by Al Beadle
The western mural also intersects a wall of glass. The color scheme painted on the interior is not likely original. Note the unpainted strip that occurs just inside the window, which was revealed during the renovation. pbsw by Al Beadle
pbsw by Al Beadle
The eastern mural also continues through the other side of the wall, viewable from inside the store.
pbsw by Al Beadle Yes, that is Al Beadle's profile next to the t-square and triangle!
PBSW by Al Beadle

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