5th Annual Modern Phoenix Week 2009

Founding Fathers of Modern Phoenix Home Tour in Arcadia and Uptown Phoenix

White Gates Residence
Architect: Alfred Newman Beadle
Year: 1964
Restoration Completion: 10%
Style: Midcentury Modern Rehab
More Info: www.beadlearchive.com

This home, which has become casually known as “White Gates”, is a stellar example of mid century modern with unlimited potential. She sits on a spectacular acre lot with incredible mountain and city views. The current owner, Lynda Maze, has several sets of plans including as-built as well as Beadle style renovations. She also holds a city permit for renovation. Lynda is in love with this residence and refers to it as the “Jewel of Phoenix.” Visiting this site, even in its state of disrepair, is somewhat of a pilgrimage for Al Beadle afficionados. White Gates is situated on a prime piece of real estate on the south side of Camelback Mountain. According to one article the home “stands strongly against its surroundings, presenting a bold rectangular block of vivid color and brilliant white. The symmetry of the façade with its rhythm of regularly spaced openings and pierced concrete screens establishes an ordered formality at the outset.” A refreshement bar was set up and histoircal documents were displayed. Nancy Beadle and friend Lee Purnell were able to chat with historic real estate developer Michael Levine about possibilities for the property. Homeowner Lynda Maze is insistent that whoever she sells this property to wishes to preserve it.

Designer Bob Wilkinson was delighted to run into Nancy Beadle.

Photos �2009 Chip Allison, Ryan Justham, Chris Crosby,
Regina Alexander, Mike Williard, Modern Phoenix LLC