Safari Nights and the Sculpture of Al Beadle

On First Friday we collaborated with Nancy and Jerri Beadle to bring the steel sculputre of architect Al Beadle to a broader audience at Phoenix Metro Retro. We also displayed photographs from the Ernest A. and Billie W. Uhlmann Family Archive and Beadle's Mountain Bell-themed art by Alison King.

Several small-scale maquettes were on display and a full-scale sculpture staged out front. After a long period out of sight since Mr. Beadle's passing, this work is now available for commission by the public.


Bird sculputre by Alfred Newman Beadle, with corresponding maquette below.




Alison King's Shatterproof II artwork was made of pulverized concrete and glass gathered from the pre-demolition site of Al Beadle's Mountain Bell building. The shapes reflect the exact geometry of the building' ssilhouette and reference to the fact that two buildings were inteded to be built.


Much to everyone's delight, the Shatterproof artwork was won as a doorprirze by Beadle's daughter Jerry at the Modern Phoenix Expo the following weekend.


Photography and postcards from the Ernest A. and Billie W. Uhlmann Family Archive was on display for the first time as a collection in a show mounted by Alison King. To view more photos of the Safari Hotel, visit here.


Ken Clark, candidate for House of Representatives Dist. 15, and Doug Abrahamson of Phoenix Metro Retro, host of the event.


Editor of Java magazine Robert Sentinery shows Mrs. Beadle the new article on Modern Phoenix.


Founder of Modern Phoenix Alison King and hometour homeowner Delene Patterson delight in the debut of Corrin Green's article on Modern Phoenix featuring photos of Delene's home.


Bev Sawyer and Jerry Beadle


Modern Phoenix Week speaker Marshall Shore and friend.


Lee Purnell and Monica Perez.


Heidi Abrahamson of Phoenix Metro Retro, Marshall Shore, Ponciano Montoya and Delene Patterson.


Modern Phoenix seminar speakers Donna Reiner, John Jacquemart and Ned Sawyer.


Architect W. Brent Armstrong with Crawford + Szezech Concrete Interiors.


Photos copyright 2010 Alison King