Koepnick Residence

Designers: A-1 Construction, then Troy Bankord and Joe Koepnick
Completion: 100%
Style: Midcentury Modern/Contemporary
Model: The Cholla
Notes: Sandblasted concrete block wall joins indoors to outdoors. Slate floors in a sage green were installed to connect the home's interior with the grey-greens of the desert vegetation. Architectural shade covers of galvanized hat channel further connect the home to site where trees were thinned or removed to restore mountain views. The custom fabricated metal fascia replaced the rotting original treatment, enabling the roof to be finished with foam and masking unsightly roof vents.
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This master suite addition was a real treat to see.





Hat channel shade structures are popular in Arizona for their cooling properties as well as dramatic shadows.







Photos copyright 2010 Alison King, Mike Williard, Rob Vallee.