Volcko Residence

Designers: A-1 Construction, then Studio Tro'pik Inc.
Completion: 50%
Style: Midcentury Modern with Historic Restoration
Model: The Saguaro
Notes: Since 1960, the home remained in its original design and well maintained by the original owner until purchased in late 2008. Current owners felt it was imperative to preserve the integrity of this unique design and chose to maintain all exterior features and limit its modernization to within the existing footprint, including kitchen, master bedroom and living room. The design intent was to balance the simplicity of mid century modern design with the needs of modern living. Phase two includes a pool house and studio with design renderings on display.
Contact: studiotropik.com







Diane Berg, longtime supporter of Modern Phoenix events, crosses over the massive pivot door threshhold.





The main addition to the property will be the slanted area on the right.







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