Fernandes Residence

Designers: A-1 Construction, then DJ Fernandes of The Construction Zone
Completion: 100%
Style: Midcentury Modern/Contemporary
Model: The Cholla
Notes: The existing floor plan was opened to create shared use space consisting of living, dining and kitchen. A subterranean master bedroom and bath were added taking advantage of southern mountain views. Materials used for new construction include integral color concrete masonry units, galvanized metal shingles, anodized aluminum and solex glass. Running along the spine of the existing structure is a fin-color plywood soffit; other interior finishes include black slate, plate steel, and maple. Exterior architecture consists of an orthogonal composition of grass tufts and river-rock filled gabion baskets.
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Yes, that's a dog bed!




Neat composting bales!



Photos copyright 2010 Carson Photography, Alison King, Mike Williard.