The 4th Annual Modern Phoenix Home Tour

Village Grove, Scottsdale 2008

The Cobb + Kelly Residence
75% complete

This Allied home designed by Charles Schreiber in 1961 was purchased by Ross and Shirley in 2003. They are the third owners and have been working on their remodel since they moved in. Much of the home was either original or had been updated to late 70’s or early 80’s style. To date they have redone virtually the entire interior that is now a mix of vintage and contemporary to create a modern MCM feel. This home features an inviting color palette, hardwood floors and professional series appliances. A preference for classic design and iconic pieces is on display throughout. Many of the home’s furnishings were found on trips to Palm Springs and through local retailers such as Red Modern Furniture. The majority of the work was done by Investment Remodeling Services. Still on the To Do list is front and backyard landscaping and expansion/updating of the master bedroom and bathroom.
Photos � 2008 Chris Marks, Joel Contreras, Purple Nickel,
Yuri Artibise, Meagen Jenkens, Erica Lucci, Modern Phoenix LLC