The 3rd Annual Modern Phoenix Home Tour in Ralph Haver's Marlen Grove Neighborhood, 2007


You are about to enter a Construction Zone!

For over 50 years the Marlen Grove neighborhood has existed in a state of perpetual reinvention. Now for the first time ever the public is invited to take a tour inside the homes and gardens of the contemporary architects, designers and do-it-yourselfers that make Marlen Grove such an interesting place to live.If you're expecting lavish Knoll furniture vignettes and shrines to George Nelson, think again; Modern Phoenix home tours focus on the transformation of modest mid-century spaces over time to meet the demands of Modern living. Some stay true to form, others seek to make a more individual statement. All have something unique to share.Once mass-produced tract houses built in 1953, many of these homes share the same floorplan but have been rotated on the lot to create variety in the streetscape. Almost every home on our tour has received an addition or two over the years, and most maximize the use of outdoor space. Each decade of change leaves its layer and legacy behind. As you travel from home to home you'll see the full spectrum of diversity in Modern space and style that these iconic Ralph Haver-designed homes inspire. We hope you enjoy your Sunday stroll through Marlen Grove, and especially hope you emerge with a few radical ideas of your own to take back home!

And now for the featured homes:

The Lacey Residence

The Koehler & Clay Residence

The Mather Residence

Mr. Natural's Place

The Rhodes Residence

The Tompor Residence

Tony's Crib

The Zimmerman Residence

The Doring Residence

The Hobza Residence

The Bigler Residence

Our weekend would not be possible without the generous support of our volunteer crew. Thank you to all who helped check folks in, guide them to the right places, and keep cool for the day!

Photography 2007 Alison King, Jason A. Steele, Joel Contreras, Shawn Danley, Regina Alexandra, Christopher Marks