Presentations on Marketplace Day

Four presentations during the Modern Marketplace @ SMoCA helped Phoenicians connect with their modern heritage. Conservation of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, development in the warehouse district, inspiration from Palm Springs and methods to research a midcentury property were featured.The 2016 Modern Phoenix Week MarketplaceSperry Hutchingson spoke about the Price House in Paradise Valley.The 2016 Modern Phoenix Week MarketplaceFred Prozillo spoke about special restoration considerations at Taliesin West.The 2016 Modern Phoenix Week MarketplaceSarah Wright Levi and Victor Sidy spoke on strategies to preserve and restore the David and Gladys Wright House.The 2016 Modern Phoenix Week MarketplaceSMoCA Curator of Programming Peter Bugg faciliated a discussion among the three major stewards of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in Arizona. The 2016 Modern Phoenix Week MarketplaceFor more than 20 years, Michael Levine has acquired and renovated warehouses and other at-risk buildings in downtown Phoenix. The buildings that currently house Bentley Projects, ASU’s School of Art Graduate Student Studios and the Duce were all brought to their current glory under Levine’s thoughtful attention to detail. Michael and a panel of community members who work in the spaces today discussed the past, present, and future of Phoenix's vulnerable warehouse district.The 2016 Modern Phoenix Week MarketplacePalm Springs resident and active advocate for architectural preservation Robert Imber presented the keynote on Palm Springs architecture and the evolution of PS Modernism Week. Research during 2016 Modern Phoenix MarketplaceJohn Jacquemart and Donna Reiner of the Postwar Architecture Task Force of Greater Phoenix guided small groups through researching midcentury homes and neighborhoods using local resources and online databases.Research during 2016 Modern Phoenix MarketplaceResearch during 2016 Modern Phoenix MarketplaceThe workshop featured a portable pop-up library including the Modern Phoenix archives with vintage magazines and newspapers from the 50s and 60s, and John's personal collection of primary sources.Research during 2016 Modern Phoenix MarketplaceGuests were encouraged to browse the resources on their own or connect with a historian to help guide them through the process.Research during 2016 Modern Phoenix MarketplaceResearch during 2016 Modern Phoenix MarketplaceResearch during 2016 Modern Phoenix Marketplace
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