The Frost Residence

Architect: Ralph Haver AIA, remodel by Frost Studio and a.k.a. green
Year: 1974
Completion: 80%
Style: Midcentury Modern/Contemporary
Notes:The Frost's slump block 50s style home built in the 1970s has been given a completely modern eco-renovation. Story goes that Ralph Haver designed it for his secretary. Classic Haver touches such as clerestory windows and a wall of glass let in ample light. Renovated over 4 years, the project is packed to the rafters with eco-touches. From inside to out, every detail was done to create a modern, healthy home.
Contact: Photos ©2011 Mike Small, Sheldon Motley, James Ellis,
Alison King, Kelsey Wharton, Flat Four VW and Joshua Friedman.

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