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The Crouton P Residence

The Secrets of Sunnyslope
Modern Phoenix Home Tour 2011

The Crouton P. Residence
Architect: Probably Ralph Haver AIA, remodel by Bluewater Furnishings
Year: 1964
Completion: 100%
Style: Midcentury Modern
Notes: This modest tract-style home is perfect for a family of three. The exterior has been sandblasted and takes advantage on the terraced elevation so typical in Sunnyslope. The bathroom has been remodeled, and the kitchen features original kitchen cabinetry and appliances. Featuring original geometric paintings by Grant Wiggins throughout.
Photography: Allowed everywhere
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Photos � 2011 Mike Small, Sheldon Motley, James Ellis,
Alison King, Kelsey Wharton, Flat Four VW and Joshua Friedman.