The Blaine Drake Archive

Blaine Drake's Scoville House before demolition, Spring 2008

Photos by Rodney Coty

The interior Superlite block, once raw, had been painted over in white. A built-in sofa hugged the wall. Some of the characteristically curvacious walls. It is currently unknown if lack of storage was compensated for through the addition of cabinets in a hallways, or if they are an original feature. The end result is a very narrow hallway. It appears that the kitchen was recently redone in contemporary style. The southern approach. The northern approach. Being so flat, the roof naturally suffered through the decades. The large lot, neither fully xeroscape nor irrigated lawn-and-trees, was difficult to maintain. The unbuilt addition. The modest round pool is a classic Drake touch. Originally Drake's round pools were round livestock watering tanks.Custom grillework on fencing throughout the property.

Find out more about Blaine Drake's Scoville House and how it came to be demolished in 2008.

The Blaine Drake Archive

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