The Evertson Residence

By Ralph Haver AIA circa 1959 in the Marion Estates neighborhood

This rare split-level home was designed for contractor Sven Evertson and was called "Swedish Modern" in its time. It features a pitched roof that is steeper than typical Haver Homes but clad in one of his favorite finishes, wood. The roofline extends to shelter a complete guest suite downhill. Of all of Ralph Haver's homes, this design best expresses his concept of a "patio-port", where parking areas could be adapted for entertainment purposes. Minor alterations make the second-story suite a bit more spacious, but the home is otherwise much the same as the day it was built. Vintage article from Arizona Homes magazine, June 1959

Photography ©2012 Joshua Friedman, Phil Razzi, Susan Myrland, Jen Belledin,
Greg Markov, Alison King, Jacob Lichner, Todd Schwartz. All Rights Reserved.

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