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Interview with architect Frank Henry, 5/18/06

Undated materials supplied by Frank Henry, including his bio and technical drawings of the branch bank at 44th Street & Camelback

Press clippings, photographs and other materials assembled in looseleaf binder at Chase Bank branch at 74th Street & McDowell

Interview and building tour with landscape architect Russell MacDonald of Hoskin Ryan Consultants, 4/29/06

Site visits to all the banks, April and May 2006

"Wright's Baghdad opera house and Gammage Auditorium: in search of regional modernity", on Walter Bimson's role there, web page accessed 5/29/06 at
"Bank One may demolish branch some call historical", The Business Journal of Phoenix - January 24, 1997, Lisa Gonderinger, web page accessed 5/29/06 at

"Tempe Historic Property Survey of the Valley National Bank - Tempe, Arizona" accessed on 5/29/06 at

"The modernist branch bank: an appropriate response to the Phoenix urban condition", by Gabriela Beatriz Dorigo, Thesis (M.E.P.), Arizona State University, 2004

"Treasures of Taliesin", edited by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, 1985

"Guide to the Architecture of Metro Phoenix", AIA, 1986

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Story and photos 2006 Walt Lockley. Additional photography 2006-2016 Modern Phoenix LLC.


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