The Shaffer House aka the Breech House by Ard Hoyt Construction Company Interior Design by Ron Warner

A 1960s Time Capsule in Clearwater Hills, Phoenix. Architect unknown.

The Breech House was designed for the Art Hoyt Construction Company in 1960, and was purchased by an executive for Ford Motor Company as a winter home. It is located in the Clearwater Hills gated community, which is neither Phoenix nor Paradise Valley, but in fact under Maricopa County jurisdiction. It has recently been remodeled. These photos show how it appeared in 2010 when it was on the market, seeking a new owner. It was rehabbed in 2013.

1960 | 2014 | Then + Now | About Ard Hoyt

Vintage rendering from marketing materials. Artist Unknown.
Vintage advertisements for Ed Post Realty circa 1966.

1960 | 2014 | Then + Now | About Ard Hoyt

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