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Original Photos of Lorna House

Taken before the Kaffer's renovation

Lorna HouseGrasscloth and new wave wallpaper! Blue carpet! The front of the home had a vestibule bumped out on it some time after the original build. Lorna HouseGold and red velvet wallpaper. And blue carpet! Lorna HouseLow-relief art deco style mural in silver, gold and blue, custom built for the angled ceiling. Lorna HouseClever but dated built-ins were removed to open up the space. Lorna HouseThe infamous "build-the-addition-around-the-mature-palm" shot. Stucco covered every inch of the block exterior and was painstakingly chiseled away by Kaffer. Lorna House Stucco Matching blue countertops!

Listen in as Desert Living Editor David Tyda takes a walk through the renovated space with Alison King and Shawn Kaffer. [28 min. WAV file]

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View the home after renovation.

The Ralph Haver Archive