Garden Apartments in the Shadow of the Valley Ho

Scottsdale, Arizona

With fun names like Day-O, The Americana, Granada, Capri and Shalimar Sands, the concept behind these small apartment complexes in Central Scottsdale was to evoke an exotic resort lifestyle made popular by the nearby (but demolished) Safari resort and the Valley Ho. These multifamily dwellings exemplify the midcentury Scottsdale look by using lots of textile block, unique steel staircases, tropical landscaping, central swimming pools and wide open spaces. Scottsdale's garden apartment district is currently under study by the Scottsdale Historic Preservation Commission to determine historic significance and possibly start up a historic preservation overlay. If passed, it would become the first garden apartment overlay of its kind.


Shalimar Sands in Scottsdale on Modern Phoenix Shalimar Sands

Scottsdale Palms on Modern Phoenix Scottsdale Palms

Valle Vista in Scottsdale on Modern Phoenix Valle Vista

Lounge Apartmewnts in Scottsdale Lounge
Loloma Vista in Scottsdale on Modern Phoenix Loloma Vista

Parc Scottsdale on Modern Phoenix Parc Scottsdale

ElDorado in Scottsdale El Dorado

Dayo by Al Beadle in Scottsdale on Modern Phoenix Dayo

Capri in Scottsdale Capri

Granada in Scottsdale by Kim Perina Granada

Map of Scottsdale garden ApartmentsView Map of Area

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Check the Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Scottsdale for updates

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