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If you don't have graphics yet we can create them for you, making your brand fit right in with even the slickest of competition.

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What do successful ads look like? View our gallery of past ads that have had good return on investment.

  • Our readers are mad about Modernism and fanatical about Phoenix. They actively seek to support local restaurants, shops, services, artisans and trades.
  • Ads are typically placed twice per page, just like they are on this page, so your ad has a chance of being viewed more than once on the same visit.
  • If your own website is not getting over 582 pageviews a day like ours is, you'll probably enjoy the extra traffic that our ads bring your site.
  • You may change out your ad at any time, either by yourself or with our assistance. Perfect for open houses, special events, new products, specials, sales and new listings.
  • Green is more than just our theme color. We've exposed our sponsors to an average 5,875 unique visitors per month without the waste of paper or direct mail. Our process is nearly paperless.
  • Modern Phoenix has a recognized reputation for quality writing, research, activism, educational programs, and service to the community. Affiliating your product or service with ours strengthens us both.
  1. If you don't have banner ads ready to go, we'll design attractive and effective ads that readers actually click on for an equally attractive design fee.
  2. Modern Phoenix is the internet's only interactive clearinghouse of information about Modern architecture, design, preservation and development in the southwest. Our content is peerless, which is why our visitors return again and again.
  3. Six large ad spots are reserved for premium-level sponsors on our six most heavily-trafficked web pages (roughly 15% of pageviews). The vast majority of ads will have the free run of the rest of the site, including over 850 searchable web pages. (85% of pageviews).
  4. 2017 Google Analytics:
    Unique users per year: 70,494
    Pageviews per year: 212,466
    Pageviews per month: 17,705
    Pageviews per day: 582
    Average visit length: 1:54
    91% of readers in United States
    61% of readers in Arizona

Download our ad rate sheet and specifications, download a sample advertiser contract and then contact Alison to start reaching YOUR niche market today!


How do you build a strong ad that performs for your target market?

It starts with a Call to Action or CTA. Then you can build your way backwards to design an ad that works.

CTA is an imperative statement telling your customer exactly what it is you want them to do. It starts with a verb, then a description of the desired outcome.

"Schedule a private tour"

"Learn how you can finance your next modern home today"

"Register before June 30 for earlybird discount"

...are all examples of strong calls to action. They encourage the user to click and then act on the call. There isn't a lot of room to get your message out there so every word counts. If you're new to writing CTAs here are a few tips.


Higher performing advertisements have high quality graphic imagery with a limited color palette and a clear focal point.

Eliminate unnecessary clutter and use remaining negative space to compose your call to action.

Include a rule line if your image is pale and needs to pop against our green-gray background.

Our gallery of successful ads has some great examples of higher performing ads, and why they outperformed their peers.

Not sure how to design your ad? Contact us for a free consultation and pricing for design services.