Making Architecture by 180 Degrees Design + Build180 Degrees Design + Build Introduces “Making Architecture”, a Monograph on Modern Architecture in Arizona

Local design historian Alison King of Modern Phoenix tackled the 19-year retrospective

The full color 226-page monograph features over 300 photographs of the firm’s body of work and describes their signature design-build process and philosophies in vivid, accessible detail. Making Architecture was written and designed by the team completely in-house to complement the firm’s first retrospective exhibition at Le Musée de Kaplan in Principal Architect James Trahan AIA’s hometown of Kaplan, Louisiana. The Colachis Sr Residence by Al Beadle, remodeled by 180 Degrees Design + Build
The Colachis Sr Residence by Al Beadle at the foot of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, remodeled by 180 Degrees Design + Build. The original 60s era structure is on the left, the new master suite is on the right.
"We've been fortunate to work on some unique projects over the past 19 years. The book showcases some of these projects and gives others a look into how our firm approaches our work, what we focus on and how we execute our craft."

~ Principal Architect John Anderson AIA.
Highlights include the firm’s origin story and a behind-the-scenes peek into two of the most technically advanced projects 180 Degrees Design + Build has ever executed: Stone Court Villa with Marwan Al Sayed and the Desert Botanical Garden Horticultural Center with coLAB Studio.

Restoration work at Taliesin West and on a vintage Al Beadle home is also featured. The firm's sensitivity to site, context, client needs and usability shines on these historically significant projects. Rockridge Residence by 180 Degrees Design + Build
The Rockridge Residence by 180 Degrees Design + Build
Packed with interviews and observations, the book features 17 stories written by historian Alison King, founder of Modern Phoenix and Assistant Professor of Design and History at Grand Canyon University.

“I’ve watched 180 Degrees Design + Build's work evolve for over 15 years," says King. "They've performed some highly creative and important restoration work in the realms of historic preservation and adaptive re-use. Drawing out the stories behind these special places through the lens of a historian was a delight.”Making Architecture by 180 Degrees Design + BuildThe book is available in both hardcover and softcover at Changing Hands and For the People.


Making Architecture is a story about architectural passion, beautifully articulated with humor, humanity, and exceptional photography. 180 Degrees Design + Build’s architectural solutions are nothing short of stunning. Their clients range from architects, contractors, architects married to contractors, plants, horses, dogs, cats, and extraordinary people… rich and not rich! Their diversity of programs is matched only by their consistent commitment to the environment and community. A spectrum of challenging sites in inspired locations include an obscure rural landscape; a constrained urban neighborhood, and a very famous UNESCO World Heritage complex. Each demands a special sensitivity and respect that can only come from a highly principled, dedicated team.”

Eddie Jones AIA

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