Olive Acres

17th Drive and Dunlap Ave

If you've ever wondered what a "character ranch" is, then wonder no more. Marketed as "Dutch Village" in 1958, these all-electirc houses presented by Healy Homes weren't afraid to show their European flair. Is it possible Bob Healy is the same "west side homebuilder" of Al Beadle's Healy-Fearnow Residence? Homes started at $11,950, the homes are easy to spot with their jutting rafters, scalloped eaves, weeping mortar, built-in planters and diamond mullions. They were proud to annouce the blending of kitchen and family room, and visitors to the open houses were offerd a bag of tuplip bulbs, guaranteed to bloom. After developing Dutch Village Healy purchased more land at 35th Avneue and GLendale to Develop the Sungold community with less outlandish, yet similar details. This home's carport has been enclosed, but that shingle facade is just too good not to include here. Photos ©2018 Modern Phoenix LLC

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