Lescher and Mahoney Architectural Firm Office

407 West Osborn Road, Phoenix

Lescher and Mahoney were one of the handful of architecture firms in Phoenix that were well established before World War II. Lescer and Mahoney Office BuildingLescer and Mahoney Office Building The firm continued to adapt with the times and be relevant, especially with their architectural offices on West Osborn Road. Lescer and Mahoney Office Building Because of its earthy artistry, this building is on the Top 25 List of the Postwar Architecture Force of Greater Phoenix. Lescer and Mahoney Office Building In 2014 the owners of the building were encouraged by the Postwar Architecture Task Force to list the building on the National Register of Historic Places. Lescer and Mahoney Office BuildingThe stunning landscape is by the Phoenix firm Floor Associates. The pretty dusting of palo verde blooms is courtesy of Mother Nature each April.
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