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Tonka Vista Neighborhood
Ralph Haver and his contemporaries lived here in the mid Fifties
Surrounding Berridge Lane between 18th and 20th Street

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The almost-seamless slot window at the front of the home creates
a magical illusion along the transition from indoors to out.

The entire ceiling is knotty 2X4 scrap set on edge and spiked together laterally.
It is very functional from an insulation standpoint and consistent
with the ceilings at Lou Regester and St. Vincent's.

The rear of the home was clearly added on later, probably by Haver himself.

The shed out back was designed by the current homeowner using proportions from
the original building, blending absolutely seamlessly with the rest of the compound.

This home, a virtual playground of Superlite block construction, is currently of unknown origin.
Speculation abounds whether is is an undocumented Drake, or a Haver Home.

Either way, the home is expertly sited to capture the view of Squaw Peak in the picture windows.

The variety of use of Superlite block sizes and patterns makes it a true demonstration
home of the new building material's flexibility. It has also been left in its unpainted state,
a classic Modern Phoenix touch.



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