Wood Brothers Homes

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Re: Wood Brothers Homes

Postby bobp » Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:27 pm

Here is the scoop on Wood Bros Homes. Wood Bros were John and Bob Wood who built in Denver in the early 50's. John was a preacher and a carpenter. They had an impeccable reputation and built up an organization that by the mid 70's was completing 5000 homes a year. Back then that put them in the top ten builders in the US. They brought there own organizations to the cities and towns they chose to expand. They built in Denver, Albuquerque, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne and Phoenix. Phoenix was one of the first cities they chose for expansion. and used their stock Colorado plans to begin a subdivision, It didn't go over well, as you can imagine. So, they had their in house Denver architects design a second set of "Southwest Plans" which are the plans in your subdivision. Are you on 35th ave or the subdivision on 43rd ave? 43rd ave was the improved plans and sold quite well. They sold as fast as Continental Homes which was the elephant in the room in the late 60;s and 70's. (Until Charley Keating took them over, He's a cook in a Scottsdale Reataurant last time I saw him, but I digress) Citi Corp bought Wood Bros Homes in the mid 70's and The accountant they chose to run Wood Bros, dismantled it during the recession of the late 80's. They had a good Run, built good homes, and stood behind what the built. Bob Wood passed away in the 80's and John spends his time between Alaska and Scottsdale.

I sold homes in Phoenix from 1969 to 1972 when I was promoted and sent to OKC, Not sure that was a promotion in retrospect, but then went on to Houston and eventually Denver.
But I sold homes at 43rd ave (can't remember cross street) but was near Sweetwater or Dunlap. and I sold in Scottsdale and South Phoenix. At the time the homes on 43rd ave were selling in the 30's pretty high priced considering I sold in south phx for $16,950, Ha. Wood Bros had as many as 8 to 10 subdivisions and I last sold at a townhome subdivision on 43rd Ave and Thomas before moving to OKC.

You laugh about the green carpet and the avocado appliances, but they were the the hot items in the early 70's along with Harvest Gold. Funny but before I went to work at Wood Bros, I was their carpet rep and sold floor covering to homebuilders. So i probably sold that green carpet! and how long did it last? I used to kid clients as I took them to demonstrate a model home about "showing them the Bullet Proof Carpet" well it's not bullet proof but practically kid proof. Oh, by the way if you were a Veteran you could move in for $1.00 in those days.

and the cabinets were from Mastercraft, one of the best in town.

What else can I tell you? Hope this helps

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Re: Wood Brothers Homes

Postby PixelPixie » Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:20 pm

Great information, thanks!

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Re: Wood Brothers Homes

Postby Sniffdar » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:12 pm

TO Bobp:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I really didn't think I would find any information regarding Wood Bros. homes from anywhere on the internet. I had searched mildly, but never expected to get this sort of information. And yes, it has been more than 3 years since I originally started this post. So I was a bit shocked when I saw that suddenly this post had risen back up near the top of the food chain. You definitely know your neighborhoods, as you described my house almost down to the street. Alas, I am not in the neighborhood that houses the improved floor plans. I am in the neighborhood that was part of the original expansion that you mentioned. Yes, that means my cross streets are at Cactus and 35th Avenue. In fact, my back brick fence borders Pep Boys. I have a gate that will allow me to walk into the back alleyway that is the drive (more on that later). In fact, I can step out of that back gate and see Moon Valley High School.

As I mentioned in my first post, it was obvious that they were experimenting when Wood Bros. first started building here. My home is the only one with this facade in this neighborhood. There other homes with my floor plan, but they have traditional roofs (not flat like mine) or they lack the pierced block carport facade. I have the smaller galley kitchen with a pantry behind it. Each time one of the homes with my floor plan goes on the market, I immediately download the pictures so I can compare the differences. Most of the other homes that I've seen have the enlarged kitchen, minus the pantry behind it. I can understand why these plans sold poorly. If you stand in the kitchen you can see straight to the end of the house where the bedrooms are located. Essentially, the house is 2 medium sized rooms (living room/dining area and kitchen/den area) side by side. The bedrooms are all next to each other going down the hallway. Architecturally, there is little flair to them. And here comes the truth; What enticed me to the house was the pierced block wall that makes up the carport. In fact, the brick is featured in the 'How Superlite Shaped Phoenix into the Block Capital of America' article here on Modern Phoenix.

The 'improved' floor plan homes that you mentioned are located just west of 43rd avenue and I had long suspected were Wood Bros. homes. They have some of the same detailing that the homes in my neighborhood do. One such home came on the market a few years back and I immediately downloaded the pictures. What a improvement that was. From the outside it looks similar to my home, but once inside it is completely different. I have so much more to write about, so I'll save some of that for my next post! And yes, I'll post pictures too!

If you ever do ever run into John Wood while he is visiting here in Arizona, please tell him thank you for all that he has done for Phoenix. I guess since I'm the only one asking about these homes, I'll carry the torch for Wood Bros. homes.

Again, thank you for all the information. I'll post more in the next few days...

Ron W. in Phoenix.

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Re: Wood Brothers Homes

Postby stacyinphoenix » Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:35 pm

I just happened upon your post while doing research for a listing appointment built by Wood Brothers in the Fairwood 3 subdivision. Thank you for inquiring about Wood Brothers homes and thank you for the replies and helpful background information!

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Re: Wood Brothers Homes

Postby Sniffdar » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:10 pm

:shock: :oops: :roll:
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Re: Wood Brothers Homes

Postby Sniffdar » Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:30 pm

It's strange that this Wood Brothers Homes post lives on. People seem to like pictures, so I thought I would post a recent home that sold in the neighborhood. It has been professionally "fixed". I say "fixed" because so many people fail to see the potential in their own homes. It has the same floorplan as my own, although the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room has been removed. It really does open up the space...
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