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Campus Homes at Roosevelt and 13th in Tempe

Photos and story by Vince Reiselman I recently lived in a Del Webb neighborhood in Tempe that is just like Camelback Park Estates. The development is called Campus Homes. The perimeter is 13th street on the north to 17th street on the south from Roosevelt on the west to Farmer on the east. Del Webb built an entrance monument to the development and for years it has been called "Camus Homes" after someone stole the "P" out of Campus. I always add the phrase "the best in existential modern living".I bought in this neighborhood because I liked the style of the houses. Unfortunately because it is so close to ASU there are a lot of rentals and no one has recognized this area as a cool place to live except investors. These houses are really simple, 3 bedrooms and 1 bath some models have 2. The kitchen has only 9 feet of metal cabinets (mine have over 7 layers of paint on them). My property had been a rental for some time and after doing some research I found out that the Gin Blossoms and the Band Azz Izz have lived in my house. Also Ladmo of the Wallace and Ladmo show lived one street over until he died a few years ago. This year my house will be 50 and I had intended on renovating but investors keep buying up everything around me, letting the properties slide. I found out that my neighborhood was the first tract housing development ever built in Tempe. I contacted Del Web Foundation to see if they had any promotional stuff and they didn't. I know if I did a little more searching I could find something in the Tempe tribune. Someone in the neighborhood is currently working with the city of Tempe to see if somehow we could get a historic designation but when I perused this the city was resistant. I ended up selling the home. You would be surprised how many areas in Tempe area are the "modern" style. (Not in Campus Homes but a neat duplex a little south of it.)

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