Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network

Effective ads include a combination of the following techniques:

  • clear call to action
  • high contrast or colorful artwork
  • a value proposition (what's in it for them)
  • emphasis on specialness / preservation of property
  • speaking frankly and confidently to the audience
  • a sense of urgency (fear of missing out)
  • emotional appeal
  • matching style of large ad to small ad for double impact OR
  • playful variety in ad copywriting (burma shave technique)

Real estate ads often need room for Realtor symbol, Equal Housing Lending symbol, and MLS number. Some real estate agents are also obliged to include their brand name or parent affiliation.

Clickability has been disabled on the following examples. All but seven of the ads below were designed in-house by Modern Phoenix LLC.

Our highest performing ad campaign of all time focused on a strong personality, humor and copywriting that made readers actively anticipate the next ad -- and click.

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